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Do You Still Throw Spears At Each Other?

90 Years of Glorious Gaffes from the Duke

Britain's very own embarrassing (royal) granddad turned 90 this year and this shamefully funny collection of the Duke's greatest gaffes celebrates the best from a lifetime of quotes that made the nation groan and then laugh with embarrassment.

With illustrations throughout, this is a laugh-out-loud funny tribute to the master of mis-speaking:

When accepting a figurine from a woman during a visit to Kenya he said: 'You are a woman aren't you?'

He asked a Scottish driving instructor how he 'kept the natives off the booze' long enough to get a licence.

In Cardiff he told children from the British Deaf Association, who were stood by a Caribbean steel band: 'If you're near that music it's no wonder you're deaf'.

'Still throwing spears?' - a question to an Aborigine during a visit to Australia.

'David' is the pseudonym of a man resident in the UK who will reveal his identity on publication.