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About The Book

Catachans vs Tyranids – Who Are the Deadliest Predators in This New Astra Militarum Novel?

Lazulai is a world beyond the brink, its battle against the tyranids all but lost. Once-magnificent cities lie in ruin. The seas boil. The skies crack. Horrific alien bioforms devour. In mere days the planet will be consumed.

The 903rd Catachan ‘Night Shrikes’ defend one of the last fortresses still standing. Led by Major Wulf Khan, to die fighting is all that is expected of them… until she is given one last mission: to lead a squad through the apocalypse and recover a piece of archeotech that may doom or deliver the entire Lazulai System.

Facing insurmountable odds and zero hope for aid, the major must hold her squad together as they pick their way through an endless xenos jungle. The enemy is merciless, relentless, endlessly adaptable and formidably resourceful... but so too is Khan.

About The Author

Victoria Hayward is a trained historitor who spent her youth serving as an acolyte in a Games Workshop store. She writes about black holes and the palaces of despots in her day job as a science communicator and her favourite corners of the 40K universe are those occupied by the Inquisition – which is all of it. Her work for Black Library includes the Warhammer 40,000 novel Deathworlder, and the short stories ‘The Siege of Ismyr’ and ‘The Carbis Incident’. She resides in Nottingham, where she keeps birds and practises printmaking.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Games Workshop (April 25, 2024)
  • Length: 368 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781804073094

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