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Catching the Ascension Wave

Everything You Need to Know about the Coming Great Awakening

Published by Bear & Company
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Right now, there is an enormous infusion of higher dimensional energy--a “Galactic Super Wave”--that is dramatically raising the vibratory rate of our planet and everyone on it. As Bob Frissell explains, in order to catch this wave of ascension and survive and thrive during the coming Great Awakening, we must undergo a personal transformation to raise our vibration and align with the Higher Self within each of us.

Frissell explores the forces working to advance our planetary ascent into higher consciousness--as well as those seeking to block it. Going back over 500,000 years of Earth history, he looks at the role of the ancient Builder Race from Venus and other ET races, such as the Greys and the Anshars, in our evolutionary development and rapid technological advancements. He exposes government cover-ups of alien encounters as well as the startling details of our Secret Space Program, the New World Order, and the Depopulation Agenda. He explains how the Precession of the Equinoxes is directly influencing Earth’s awakening and how the dance between the “forces of darkness” and the “forces of light” actually allows consciousness to evolve.

Sharing exercises, tools, and techniques to transmute the energies blocking access to your Higher Self, Frissell explores how the infusion of higher dimensional energy is impacting planet Earth and each of us. He shows how reconnecting with your Higher Self enables you to harness the ability to create great abundance and recognize our intimate connection to all life and to the Infinite Creator. Unveiling the incoming new energetic configuration for the Earth, Frissell details how the Great Awakening is nothing less than the birth of a new humanity and how, by raising your vibration, you help in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth.

About The Author

Bob Frissell is the founder of the Breath Alchemy Technique and has been a teacher of breathwork for more than thirty-five years. A senior student of Leonard Orr in breathwork and Drunvalo Melchizedek in the “Flower of Life,” he is the author of several books, including the bestseller Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are. He lives in Sonoma, California.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Bear & Company (August 3, 2023)
  • Length: 288 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781591434559

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Raves and Reviews

“A head-spinning journey through secret space programs, the Deep State, and the Vatican; the Depopulation Agenda, ETs, the New World Order, free energy, and solar flares; the Bible, ancient yogis, ascended masters, COVID-19, cryptocurrencies, and near-death experiences! And Frissell brings it all together in a celebration of the evolution of consciousness and a great awakening, grounding it all in his heart-centered approach to breathwork, called Breath Alchemy. Thanks for the ride, Bob!”

– DAN BRULÉ, author of Just Breathe and founder of Breath Mastery

Catching the Ascension Wave will not only catch your attention but will catapult you into your ascension! This book explodes with information that is mesmerizing—I couldn’t put it down!”

– Dianne Robbins, author of Messages from the Hollow Earth

Catching the Ascension Wave is just what the world needs right now at this critical juncture in our evolution. Bob’s style is friendly and accessible, even when explaining some rather deep concepts, which anyone (with an open mind) can easily assimilate. He has a mind for bringing multiple loose ends together, from all kinds of sources, to create a clear picture of our world that has been kept from our awareness. It gets especially good when he goes into his great work with Breath Alchemy, which he demonstrates as one of the key methods to upgrading our consciousness for the great transition Earth is now making into fourth-dimensional reality.”

– Denis Ouellette, author of Heal Yourself with Breath, Light, Sound, and Water

“Finally, a book that connects all the dots and gives us answers! This is a groundbreaking must-read guide for the turbulent times we find ourselves in, teetering on the edge of mass awakening. Bob Frissell pulls back the veil and exposes the truths that have been obscured from the world and gives us a set of solutions for healing our own traumas and raising our vibrational frequency to match the new Earth that is emerging.”

– Kris Ashley, author of Change Your Mind to Change Your Reality

“Bob Frissell has done a superb job of collecting information and showing the visible and invisible processes associated with the awakening of humanity and describing them in his exciting book. But most importantly, he gives unique meditations, tools, and techniques, including the Breath Alchemy Technique, which will allow people to harmoniously align with the raising of the consciousness of the planet so that humanity will again find inner peace, joyfulness, and unconditional love.”

– Alexander Milovanov, author of The Music of the Divine Spheres

“A wonderful, exceptional book that is true to Bob’s previous well-researched messages. I love how he ties together so many unexplained phenomena that you may have wondered about. This is a book I will treasure! It may call you to re-read again and again. It is irresistible.”

– Maureen J. St. Germain, author of Waking Up in 5D

“In this book, Frissell surpasses himself with another breathtaking expansion of our understanding and experience of reality—and adds to it a full explanation of his powerful Five-Step Harmonizing Method of Breath Alchemy. My personal experiences with Breath Alchemy have been truly amazing, on a physical and energetic level—the most healing experience I have ever had. This is a life-changing book!”

– Kenneth Porter, M.D., author of Apollo’s Lyre: The Art of Spiritual Psychotherapy

“Bob Frissell knows how to duel with paradoxes, Potemkins, and aliases and come away with a single gem that attunes you to the next rung on the ladder— your own ladder. He is a living truth serum and hermetic lie detector. Catching the Ascension Wave is a delightful and wise maturation of his teaching and shows the payoff of getting on a path and staying on it, no matter what gets tossed your way.”

– Richard Grossinger, author of Dreamtimes and Thoughtforms

“Bob is a remarkable author who cannot be compared with anyone else. Each book of his presents us with something mind-blowing or pleasantly shocking for our perception of reality. Catching the Ascension Wave is exciting. Even if you do not believe in higher-dimensional energy in the way that Bob describes, this book will benefit you, it will open your mind to new possibilities and give you tools to improve your inner state of being. I highly recommend not only his books but also his Breath Alchemy Technique.”

– Gisselle Cuomo, clinical psychologist

“I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in psychological transformation and the evolution of humanity to a higher level of being—and even physical transcendence into one characterized by cosmic consciousness—that will bring about a new heaven and a new Earth for those who have prepared themselves for great changes.”

– Robert D. Morningstar, civilian intelligence analyst and investigative journalist

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