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Call Girl Confidential

An Escort's Secret Life as an Undercover Agent

You’ve probably heard of Anna Gristina, the notori­ous “Soccer Mom Madam,” who allegedly operated a multimillion-dollar escort service with clients from the Forbes billionaires list to Capitol Hill. But you haven’t heard of the woman who helped bring the Soccer Mom Madam down—until now. Call Girl Confidential is Rebecca Kade’s compelling, intimate account of her career as an escort...and her work as an undercover agent for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Strictly raised as a Southern Baptist, Rebecca Kade never dreamed she would compromise her values by someday becoming a high-priced escort. But when her rock star former lover took her to court in a drawn-out custody battle for their daughter, Rebecca’s legit day job barely covered her exorbitant legal fees. She needed to make money and lots of it—fast.

Rebecca first became an escort for Kristin Davis, aka “The Manhattan Madam,” and her classic beauty made her an instant favorite with the host of wealthy, powerful men who were willing to pay thousands to sleep with her. When she went to work for Anna Gristina, the stakes were even higher and the clientele more prominent. From Wall Street bankers and CEOs to famous U.S. politicians and Middle Eastern princes as well as Grammy winners, Rebecca met the world’s most influential movers and shakers. Then her deepest fears came true. Kristin Davis was arrested, and Anna Gristina also landed on authori­ties’ radar after going undetected for fifteen years.

Rebecca had two choices: refuse to cooperate and go to jail—risking never seeing her daughter again—or com­ply fully, even if it meant giving up Gristina, who trusted Rebecca implicitly. She agreed to go undercover for the DA’s office. And the more incriminat­ing evidence she collected, the more she placed herself in danger.

Candid and fascinating, this revealing memoir gives readers a glimpse into the little-known life of a high-priced escort turned confidential informant.