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Big Bet Leadership

Your Transformation Playbook for Winning in the Hyper-Digital Era

Published by Rodin Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

The Executive Playbook to Lead Business Growth, Innovation and Transformation.

The first leadership book for the age of artificial intelligence, equipping leaders with principles and tactics to achieve audacious outcomes and solve complex problems, while smartly managing the inherent risks of bold moves. Applying this playbook will impact your business and, just as critically, propel and protect your career as a bold transformational executive.

Co-authored by John Rossman, author of The Amazon Way and Think Like Amazon, and Kevin McCaffrey, seasoned executives from Amazon, Google, and T-Mobile. This fast-moving book melds their direct leadership experiences with comprehensive research and authentic stories.

Actionable insights include:
  • Pinpointing Growth Opportunities: Identify your customer's primary frustrations and unmet needs with standout features, forming the foundation for sustainable business growth.
  • Mastering Strategic Communication: Develop skills to ensure alignment, clarity, and vital stakeholder involvement through effective strategic communication.
  • Prioritizing through High-Impact Experimentation: Implement cost-effective, swift, and impactful experimentation methods, utilizing memos and debates for maximum effect.
  • Redefining Cost Models for Winning Business Models: Learn to innovate cost structures alongside improving customer experiences for a transformative impact on your business.
  • Overcoming Inertia and Analysis Paralysis: Discover tactics to break free from conventional pace and decision-making traps by creating focused teams and unique operational environments.
  • Maximizing Return on Effort: Craft a governance approach that provides high quality, timely signals for your strategic endeavors without the usual bureaucratic overhead.

With your book purchase you also get a trove of resources including practical frameworks, real-world examples, a Big Bet journal, generative AI prompts , and a Big Bet GPT. These tools are designed to drive active integration of the principles of Big Bet Leadership in your business.

About The Authors

John Rossman is an executive coach and advisor, keynote speaker and founder of Rossman Partners. He is an early Amazon executive with key responsibilities in launching the Amazon Marketplace business in 2002, and author of the bestselling books, The Amazon Way and Think Like Amazon. He has advised and served as an interim leader to large enterprises such as the Gates Foundation, Microsoft, and T-Mobile.

Kevin McCaffrey is a former McKinsey consultant. He led enterprise strategy, operations, and new business ventures at T-Mobile and Google. He is now a partner at Rossman Partners.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Rodin Books (February 26, 2024)
  • Length: 192 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781957588230

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Raves and Reviews

“Most books merely extol the virtues and mandate for transformation, urging you to transform without truly instructing how. Big Bet Leadership is a masterstroke, daring to present an empowering gameplan suited for digital transformations or any vital strategic initiative. It is more than just a call to action, it's a blueprint for success. Bravo!"

– Jeff Dirks, CTO of TrueBlue

“At Amazon in 2002, John and I led Amazon’s big bet, the launch of the Amazon Marketplace. Today, John advises my technology company which is designing the next generation enterprise AI productivity network protocol. In Big Bet Leadership, John provides keen insights on creating clarity with pace and avoiding big bets with bad leadership by asking the right questions

– Jim Harding, CEO & Founder of GrokIt

Big Bet Leadership outlines a groundbreaking guide for enterprises navigating the treacherous path of transformation and innovation. Packed with actionable strategies, this compelling book redefines the playbook for senior management, urging leaders to rethink their methods, foster a dynamic environment and take the reins of change.”

– Mike Steep, founder, Disruptive Technology & Digital Cities Program, Stanford University; former SVP Xerox PARC

“This playbook is destined to be a cult classic for business leaders and their advisors to change the trajectory and future of their business, their culture and their leadership techniques. Don't proceed with your transformation without Big Bet Leadership.”

– Joel Bines, board member & advisor, retired AlixPartners Managing Director, author of The Metail Economy

“Ninety percent of the world knows they need to change. Only 10% are ready to change. Big Bet Leadership is for that 10%.”

– Dr. Mark Goulston, author of Just Listen and Talking to Crazy; UCLA professor of psychiatry, former FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer</

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