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Becoming Psychic

Lessons from the Minds of Mediums, Healers, and Psychics

Published by Health Communications Inc
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A scientific, brain-based approach that provides an understanding of psychic abilities, spirit communication, and energy healing.

First Place Award from The BookFest in the Category of Nonfiction: Body, Mind, & Spirit-Parapsychology

Jeff Tarrant was fascinated by the paranormal as a child but then his training as a neuropsychologist turned him into a hardcore skeptic. If something could not be reliably and consistently demonstrated in the laboratory, then it wasn’t real. These rigid ideas were gradually worn away as he repeatedly witnessed and experienced things that simply should not be possible—telekenesis, clairvoyance, telepathy, mediumship, energy healing, and more….This book follows his journey of studying, interviewing, and testing a wide variety of mediums, psychics, and healers as he tries to determine what is going on in their brains when they engage in these supernormal abilities. Readers will get to know these gifted people, exploring what makes them tick and discovering firsthand evidence that this stuff is real.

If we can understand how the psychic mind works, might the rest of us be able to use this information to help develop our own abilities? Becoming Psychic uses knowledge uncovered through case studies, expert interviews, and research to offer a variety of practical insights to help readers develop their own psi abilities. Each chapter concludes with a “try it yourself” section, helping readers apply specific concepts and techniques into their own psychic development practice. In addition to uncovering the tips, skills, and tools identified in Tarrant's research, the book also explores how to use brain-hacking technology, such as neurofeedback, audiovisual entrainment, and pulsed electromagnetic fields to “nudge” the brain toward heightened psychic abilities--as well as quieting internal chatter, supporting empathy, and enhancing creativity—all the mental skills necessary to move from balance and wellness to the extraordinary!

Becoming Psychic fills an important gap in the psychic development literature. There are books that tell the stories of psychics and mediums. There are books that focus on the science and evidence for these practices, and there are books devoted to teaching you how to develop your own skills. This book contains all of the above and more!

About The Author

Jeff Tarrant, PhD, BCN, is the founder and director of Psychic Mind Science and the NeuroMeditation Institute in Eugene, Oregon. He is a licensed psychologist and board certified in neurofeedback. Dr. Tarrant specializes in teaching, clinical applications, and research combining technology-based interventions with meditative states for improved mental health and psychic exploration. His research focuses on exploring brainwave changes that occur as a result of contemplative practices, technological interventions, and non-ordinary states of consciousness. Dr. Tarrant is the author of the book Meditation Interventions to Rewire the Brain, as well as several book chapters and a dozen peer-reviewed journal articles on the topics of technology-based meditation for mental health. Dr. Tarrant’s exploration of psychics and mediums has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, at national conferences, and in the New York Times bestselling book The Light Between Us by Laura Lynne Jackson.

Product Details

Raves and Reviews

“Jeff Tarrant does a brilliant job at covering a wide range of psychic abilities and providing rigorous scientific data to support the phenomenon. The collected detail and results push the research of psychic phenomena to a whole new level of understanding. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the field of parapsychology,
psychic abilities, and the science of consciousness.”
—Caroline Cory, consciousness studies researcher and award-winning filmmaker Superhuman: The
Invisible Made Visible
and A Tear in the Sky

“Finally, a book that delivers groundbreaking revelations, together with irrefutable data to improve our understanding of energy and the function of the brain during the altered states of consciousness
of psychics and mediums. With his open-minded approach, together with several scientific experiments, Tarrant delivers an easy-to-read masterpiece that is sure to alleviate one of the biggest fears of all time—the fear of death! This comprehensive work of art brings a unique and refreshing perspective to the most widely researched
topics—the brain and consciousness! Whether you are a scientist yourself, a skeptic, or a diehard believer, this book is for everyone, especially the truth-seekers. As a psychic medium myself, I believe this book will bring us one step closer to uncovering a controversial truth: we don’t die.”
—Kim Russo, The Happy Medium, international psychic medium, TV host, and author

“In Becoming Psychic, Jeff Tarrant presents techniques and exercises based on his brain research and work with mediums and psychics and his own experiences, offering pathways for the rest of us to awaken our own psychic potential. While there is a plethora of psychic development books out there, none I’ve seen are solidly
based in scientific research, and certainly none cover what’s going on in our heads when we try different practices and techniques, and when we are and are not psychic. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a grounded approach to becoming psychic.”
—Loyd Auerbach, parapsychologist and paranormal investigator, and author of Psychic Dreaming: Dreamworking, Reincarnation, Out-of-Body Experiences & Clairvoyance and other books

Becoming Psychic by Jeff Tarrant provides a diverse and balanced look into the realms of unseen forces and psychic abilities, combining scientific-based knowledge with the hands-on experience of psychic practitioners from various fields, including psychokinesis, channeling, and healing. Jeff’s willingness to delve into
the unknown with an open mind is admirable and combined with his extensive knowledge in the fields of meditation and breathwork, leave the reader with a much greater understanding of the workings
within the supernatural realm. If you are interested in psychic phenomenon and wish to hear both sides of the story, this book is a great addition to your library.”
—Robert Allen, AKA Trebor Seven, psychokinesis teacher and educator

“Jeff’s stories, wisdom, and clinical experiences invite us all to explore our greatest potential as human beings in a grounded and relatable way. Becoming Psychic opens the doors to how we can approach being with ourselves and each other in ways that were historically denied or feared. Jeff shows us how curiosity, an open mind,
and a bit of courage are the medicine that shift the paradigm of how we engage with the world in which we live.”
—Jeannine Kim, intuitive healer, astrologer, mystic, and medium, and author of Dark Matters

Becoming Psychic is the engaging personal journey of Jeff Tarrant’s encounters with extraordinary people, accompanied by his scientific studies of their brain activity. A fascinating read!”
—Dean Radin PhD, chief scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and author of Real Magic and other books

"In Becoming Psychic, clinical psychologist Jeffrey Tarrant, PhD, shares his deeply personal exploration into the complex and fasci- nating realm of psychic phenomena. As a scientifically minded re- searcher, Tarrant was initially skeptical of the existence of psychic abilities, but through his own experiences with psychic mediums and other intuitive practices, his perspective began to shift. In this compelling book, Tarrant shares his journey from skeptic to be- liever, exploring the scientific research behind psychic phenomena and offering practical tools, grounded in his own experience, for accessing and harnessing one’s own intuitive abilities. Through this compelling personal story and expert insights, Tarrant’s readers will gain a deeper understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection and the potential for personal growth and transformation.”
—Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, MBA, professor, Sofia University, author of Death Makes Life Possible

“Good science often begins with subjective experiences and inquisitiveness of the scientist. Dr. Tarrant has spent much of his professional career exploring non-physical phenomena that materialist science has been unable to explain. By focusing on the human brain and examining changes that occur when one is exhibiting consciousness
that extends beyond the body, his work has shown us that there are ways we can all achieve what many believe to be impossible. Unlocking the filters of the brain can open us up to access unseen worlds and information—in essence, putting the mystical realm within our grasp. Becoming Psychic provides a roadmap for those who suspect that there is more than meets their eyes.”
—Bob Ginsberg, founder, Forever Family Foundation, and author of The Medium Explosion

“The fascinating Dr. Jeff Tarrant walks you through the many doors he has traveled to find the ultimate connections in Becoming Psychic. His research, personal experiences, and professional understanding of the brain demonstrate what we are capable of when we are open-minded. He shares tips and tools to help one gain understanding into the complex, multifaceted discoveries of the brain that demonstrate the potential to be life-altering.”
—Janet Mayer, psychic medium, author of Spirits . . . They Are Present

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