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Trey Sizemore

About The Author

Trey Sizemore is an avid pickleball player and coach who resides in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Since discovering the game of pickleball in 2017, he has become a driving force behind initiatives to bring pickleball to more players and help to elevate their games. He is the founder of the World Pickleball Summit, a groundbreaking online event bringing together top tier pickleball professionals and coaches. The summit is a hub of knowledge, offering enthusiasts a unique opportunity to refine their skills through expert-led instruction. At the heart of Trey’s commitment to player development is his brainchild, Pickleball Hut. The site serves as a digital haven for pickleball players seeking improvement, hosting podcasts, and providing invaluable online tips. Finally, he has partnered with esteemed pickleball player and coach Helle Sparre to bring her proven Dynamite Doubles strategies to pickleball players everywhere via the online courses Dynamite Doubles for Pickleball, Kitchen Domination, and the Dynamite Doubles Certified Coaching program.

Books by Trey Sizemore