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Terry Mort

At Princeton, Terry Mort wrote his senior thesis on the Hemingway Hero. Carlos Baker, Hemingway's official biographer, was one of the readers. After that, Terry went to the University of Michigan with the idea of going into academics. He soon realized that the academic world was too restrictive, and besides, the Vietnam War was underway, so he volunteered for the Navy, where is specialties were navigation and gunnery. Along the way Terry bought a 44 foot trawler that he ran up and down the intracoastal waterway for five years or so, and is therefore quite familiar with handling boats like Hemingway's Pilar. In 2000 he had enough of business and travel and started writing and editing, full time. In addition to the books Terry has had short fiction appear in Gray's Sporting Journal and articles in Fly Fishing and in Field & Stream. He writes fairly regularly for Field & Stream, mostly doing reviews of classic sporting literature.

Books by Terry Mort