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Stefan Broennle

About The Author

Stefan Broennle is a geomantic consultant and engi- neer. He studied landscape ecology at the Technical University of Munich and has been providing con- sultancy and design services for interior and exterior spaces since 1993.

His focus is not simply on incorporating physical radiesthesia but also, more importantly, on the con- crete spiritual relationship between person and place, which is supported through ritual practices and shaped and structured by the energetic power of rocks (lithoenergy), water (hydroenergy), and plants (phytoenergy).

Since 1994 he has been a course leader and lecturer, first for HAGIA CHORA and now for INANA school of geomancy, both of which he co-founded.

He has held a lectureship at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University since 2011. He has also trained in Qi Gong, Taijiquan, radiesthesia, technical remote viewing (TRV), and focusing. He lives in Germany and is pas- sionate about bringing together the physical and spiritual aspects of geomancy.

Books by Stefan Broennle