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Sofan Chan

About The Author

Sofan was born and spent her formative years in Hong Kong, a place of great cultural diversity, high population density and a fast pace of living. She studied advanced western painting techniques at The School of Art Institute of Chicago before finally settling with her partner, Rochman Reese, in Australia.Her paintings have a unique and easily recognisable style filled with vibrant, happy colours and flowing lines. They are the outer expression of Sofan's inner Buddha nature and inspirations. Her original oil paintings and limited edition prints are now proudly displayed in a wide variety of collections around the world.'Painting is a form of meditation for me. When I am truly in tune with what I am painting, the inspiration begins to flow and the paint takes on a life of its own, effortlessly appearing on the canvas. In this artistic, meditative state, I love to focus on bringing out the feelings of love, happiness and peace, using my artworks to build the invisible bridge back to our true nature.'Sofan believes that the creative forces within us that make art possible come from the place where our spirit resides. 'My artworks should be far more than just something beautiful for the eyes. Ultimately, they are there to nourish the soul and tantalise the mind.'Her love of painting, and especially painting peaceful Buddhas, has taken her adventuring into Buddhism far and wide. She is currently studying her Master of Arts in Applied Buddhism at the Nan Tien Institute in NSW.Sofan believes that 'Art, the adventurous life, creative writing and spirituality all originate from the sacred place deep within us, from a longing to return to the sacredness of our true self which has fuelled the passion, the time, the inspiration and the energy needed to create these cards. Namaste.'You can find out more about Sofan and view her paintings at

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