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Sharon Gosling

Sharon Gosling is the author of multiple children's books. She started her career as an entertainment journalist, and still also writes non-fiction books about film and television, including, most recently, tie-ins for the Tomb Raider, Wonder Woman and Men In Black IV films for Titan Books. Her short stories are regularly published in The People's Friend Magazine. She can be found on Twitter @sharongosling. ​ Sharon and her husband live in a very remote village in northern Cumbria, where they moved to run a second-hand bookshop, Withnail Books in Penrith, surrounded by fells, sheep, and a host of lovely neighbours who will one day make very good characters in their own book. When she's not writing, she bakes a lot of cake and bread, creates beautiful linocut jewellery, attempts to grow things in an allotment, and catches the baby rabbits unhelpfully brought in by the cat.

Books by Sharon Gosling