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Saorsa Sionnach

About The Author

Born into a family of artists, Saorsa was a contemplative child who connected intuitively with the natural and subtle worlds. She found in the Craft the freedom of exploring and honouring all the sacred aspects of life and recognises herself as an elemental witch. Her roots and travels shaped her spiritual journey, but it is her Scottish descent that truly set her on her life's path. Currently living in the Canary Islands, its primal energy led her to define how she could turn the messages she channels into a tool for people to reveal their own powerful potential. She believes we all are limitless and gifted in the same way. Beings are meant to be connected and are part of one great consciousness with many expressions. The right path is our own at all times. Optimistic and free-spirited, Saorsa distils her knowledge and sense of wonder into colourful illustrations and incantations for happiness and light seekers.

Books by Saorsa Sionnach