Roxanne Wyss

Photograph by Bateman Photography.

About The Author

Roxanne Wyss with Kathy Moore, The Electrified Cooks, are cookbook authors, food consultants, food writers, cooking teachers, and food bloggers, who share their test-kitchen expertise through creative recipes and tips that make cooking easier and more fun. This is their fifteenth cookbook, previous titles include The Easy Air Fryer Cookbook for The American Diabetes Association; The American Heart Association’s Instant & Healthy 100 Low-Fuss, High-Flavor Recipes for Your Pressure Cooker, Multi-Cooker & Instant Pot; and The Essential Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook. They teach cooking classes, consult with food and appliance companies, write feature articles, and appear on television, including appearances on QVC. Their professional careers in food, spanning over thirty years, now include a popular blog,

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