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Pernille Spiers-Lopez

Photograph by Chris William

Pernille Spiers-Lopez is an international business leader with over twenty years executive experience with a unique focus on developing both business and personal growth. Among several top executive positions, Pernille has held the position as president and CEO for IKEA North America, global chief HR officer, and was a member of the executive management team of the IKEA Group for ten years. Pernille left IKEA in 2011 after commuting between Chicago and Europe for more than two years. Without a plan B, she then took a year off to learn to “do nothing” and take the time to figure out what was next. Today, Pernille is a corporate and nonprofit director in both the United States and Europe, including Save the Children, Meijer Corporation, and Coop DK, as well as a coach and mentor of executives and entrepreneurs of all ages.

Books by Pernille Spiers-Lopez