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Mark Satin

About The Author

Following unsettling “apprenticeships” as a teenage civil rights worker in Mississippi and campus SDS president, Mark Satin helped create the Toronto Anti-Draft Programme, the New World Alliance (a “beyond left and right” national political organization), the U.S. Green Party movement (initially “neither left nor right”), and the American Bar Association’s Section of Dispute Resolution. His books include New Age Politics: Healing Self and Society (1979, one of the few books to have been commended by writers in both the libertarian Reason and the far-left The Nation) and Radical Middle: The Politics We Need Now (winner of the 2004 “Outstanding Book Award” from the Ecological and Transformational Politics Section of the American Political Science Association). His Washington D.C.-based national political newsletters New Options and Radical Middle served visionary activists for over two decades. He lives in Oakland CA with his partner, a writer and mother of two Indigenous sons.

Books by Mark Satin