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Julia Verlanger

About The Author

Julia Verlanger is one of the pen names of the acclaimed science-fiction writer Eliane Grimaître (1929-1985). Ever-enigmatic, she kept her identity secret throughout her career by using psuedonyms including Julia Verlanger and Gilles Thomas, a masculine name that was considered more acceptable in the field at the time. Under the name of Gilles Thomas, Eliane would become very prolific, penning three to four novels a year including L’Autoroute Sauvage (Savage Highway) and La Croix des Décastés (The Outcast’s Cross). In honor of his late wife, Jean-Pierre Tâïeb created the prestigious Julia Verlanger Prize in 1986. Julia Verlanger left an indelible mark on the world of popular literature, and her titular prize is awarded to science fiction or fantasy novels that best emulate her success.

Books by Julia Verlanger