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Brad Ketch

About The Author

Brad Ketch has traveled, lived, and worked globally on poverty, justice, and reconciliation initiatives. He has dug deep into the poorest community in Oregon for the last ten years and has witnessed its rebirth. For twenty-five years he had a thriving career in technology, culminating in his role as CEO of a publicly traded semiconductor company. But in the recession of 2008 his company failed and he was financially wiped out. Not deterred by this reversal, Brad and his wife Lynn Ketch did a mid-career switch and fulfilled their long-held goal of entering into poverty and justice work internationally. They moved to Asia, and he became the CEO of a major charity that served 100,000 ultra-poor people every year. They returned to the US and dug deep into the poorest community in Oregon and have witnessed its rebirth. He has harnessed together both the “bottom-up” and the “top down” approaches to community transformation and has shown that it works. His organization is now in the top 5 percent of nonprofits nationally. Brad is now sharing his experience and his knowledge with communities across America who want to begin a journey of transformation.

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