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Bernadette Joy

About The Author

Bernadette Joy launched Crush Your Money Goals® in 2020, a money media company to serve up practical and fun educational content. In that short time, she’s taught thousands across the country her simple strategies to pay down debt, save more money, invest with confidence, and pursue financial peace. Joy paid off $300,000 of debt in three years and built her first $1 million of net worth in her thirties as a first-generation Filipina American, the eighth of her father’s nine kids. Her keynotes, workshops, and classes appeal to a broad audience ranging from corporate employers like TIAA, Belk, and LPL Financial to entrepreneurial memberships, universities, and private retreats. She’s been featured as a money expert on CNBC, Good Morning America, Business Insider, and named in the 25 Most Influential New Voices of Money by NextAdvisor in partnership with Time. Now, this K-pop fan and chocolate addict is traveling globally to make money education fun and will show you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be ready to learn!

Books by Bernadette Joy