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Barrington J. Bayley

About The Author

Barrington John Bayley was born in April 1937 in Birmingham. After leaving school, he had a number of jobs including a short career as a reporter working for the wellington Journal and, at the age of eighteen he joined the royal Air Force. A life-long fan of science fiction, his first short story (Combat's end) was published in 1954, in Vargo Statten Magazine. Over the next decade he had more stories published in Michael Moorcock's New Worlds. The two writers became firm friends , often collaborating on stories together. His novel, Star Virus, was released in 1970 and followed by many more great SF titles including Star winds, The Zen Gun and Eye of Terror. in the 1960s Barrington lent his talents to IPC where he created text series The Astounding Jason Hyde and Bartok and his Brothers for Valiant and Champion respectively.

Books by Barrington J. Bayley