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Readers can help solve mysteries right alongside their favorite detective—Nancy Drew, Bess, and George—in this interactive chapter book series.

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Springtime Crime

Book #9

Help Nancy and her friends find out what happened to a superstar’s flower hat in the ninth book in the interactive Nancy Drew Clue Book mystery series.

Spring has sprung in River Heights! The annual Flower Sculpture contest is in a couple of days and everyone in town is working hard to finish their floral works of art. But Nancy, Bess, and George are most excited to see the world-famous pop singer, Miss LaLa, perform. The superstar grew up in River Heights and has agreed to kick off the contest with a song. And just when the girls thought life couldn’t get any better, they run into Miss LaLa herself! The singer is in a bit of a pickle though: She brought a giant hat made of white peonies for the show but she doesn’t have a refrigerator big enough to store it in. George thinks quickly and offers to put it in her mom’s catering refrigerator.

But when the girls check on the hat the next morning they see something has gone terribly wrong. Half of the snowy white blooms are...

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Springtime Crime ON SALE3/20/2018

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About the Author

Carolyn Keene

Author of the classis Nancy Drew series.



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