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Meet the team: Rich

The Likely Suspects team member Rich reveals what he'll be watching on the box this Christmas...

Favourite TV detective?

The one and only Colombo, of course. ‘Just one more thing…’ is a line I like to crack out at weddings, bar mitzvahs and petty crime scenes.


Favourite sidekick (TV/Book/Movie)?

Robert Lewis from Inspector Morse. If you haven’t guessed the killer before poor Lewis, you know you’re having a bad day.


If you were a character, would you be more likely to be the detective or the criminal?

My stealth-like ability to ‘borrow’ biscuits from co-workers, along with a penchant for nice things, means I’d probably have to be a thief. Sorry Mum!


Book you’d kill to get back if it was stolen?

Scoop by Evelyn Waugh, or Jo Nesbø’s The Snowman.


Which crime/thriller character would you most like to have a drink with?

As a tea drinker and biscuit enthusiast, I’d enjoy a nice cup of Assam with Miss Marple. And a pleasant stroll around the garden.


Podcasts or music?

Podcasts all the way. You can learn something while running, washing the dishes or even falling asleep. It’s a win-win situation!


Cluedo or Monopoly?

I actually love both but never play either! If I had to pick, I’d opt for Cluedo, for the cute tiny murder weapons if nothing else.


What are you most looking forward to watching/reading/listening to next month?  

Christmas isn’t Christmas without an Agatha Christie adaptation, and I loved the BBC’s And Then There Were None a few years back. J P Delaney’s The Girl Before is also coming to Netflix, and what’s more festive than a good psychological thriller?


What are you reading at the moment?

I’m currently reading a top-secret proof of Ruth Ware’s new book, which we’re publishing next year. And let me tell you, it’s soooo good! But I can’t say any more than that because if I did, I’d have to kill you. With a tiny Cluedo lead piping.