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Transforming Anxiety Transcending Shame

Discover the True Source of Excessive Anxiety— And How You Can Stop It!

Do new situations give you heart palpitations, knots in your stomach and shortness of breath? Are you so worried about what others think that you avoid new activities for fear of looking foolish? Do you agonize about making the right decision and then second-guess the ones you make? Do you have a pervasive feeling that "something's" just not right? If so, then noted author, therapist and former anxiety sufferer Rex Briggs can help free you from your fears with this step-by-step program. You'll discover: 

  1. why anxiety is not a disease to be controlled, but a mes­
    senger to be heeded;
  2. how normal anxiety differs from excessive anxiety;
  3. why unresolved shame could be a driving force behind
    your fears;
  4. how to deal with unrealistic expectations of yourself and
  5. how to set realistic goals and boundaries and see yourself
    as a valuable person;
  6. how to harness anger constructively in relationships;
  7. plus, much more . . .  

By sharing his personal triumph over excessive anxiety, as well as his clients' successes, author Rex Briggs offers you the confidence and the tools you need to reclaim your life.

  • Publisher: Health Communications Inc (May 1, 1999)
  • Length: 343 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781558747227