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Train Your Dog Now!

Your Instant Training Handbook, from Basic Commands to Behavior Fixes


Presenting a new way to work with your dog, with simple step-by-step instructions and lists to help you teach your dog the most important and necessary skills.

Take your dog from wild to well-behaved in just a few steps!

Train Your Dog Now! takes the best dog training tips, advice, and instructions and breaks them out into bite-sized pieces to help you—and your dog— learn everything you need to know, fast. With step-by-step instructions for teaching simple commands such as sit and drop it, guides for getting your dog used to new environments, as well as easy-to-follow instructions for teaching basic tricks and correcting bad behaviors, this book has everything you need for your pet.

Lessons Include:
8 Steps to Housetraining
5 Steps to Curbing Destructive Chewing
7 Steps to Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People
3 Steps to Stop Pulling on the Leash
5 Steps to Curb Excessive Barking

Jennifer L. Summerfield, DVM CPDT-KA is a veterinarian and professional dog trainer, with a focus on treating behavior problems including aggression, separation anxiety, and compulsive behavior issues. She teaches group classes and private lessons in basic pet dog obedience, agility, rally, and competitive obedience.

  • Publisher: Adams Media (March 6, 2018)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781507206980

"Jennifer L. Summerfield makes teaching your canine companion as easy as 1-2-3 … this concise volume is a quick read that delivers even quicker results. Dr. Summerfield’s knowledge, combined with a practical no-nonsense design, makes Train Your Dog Now! a must-have tool for dog guardians everywhere. Whether your dog is old, young, aggressive, anxious, or just plain stubborn, this book will help shape him into a well-behaved and well-rounded companion."

– Animal Wellness Magazine

"A great resource."

– Chronicle Magazine