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The Persona Principle

How to Succeed in Business with Image Marketing

"The Persona Principle is more than the literary equivalent of a shell game...Image Marketing is bound to increase in importance."
-- Debra Phillips, Entrepreneur Magazine

"Buy their book. It's a quick read, smartly designed, and one of the best business tomes around."
-- How Magazine

"The authors, both advertising experts, show you how to create an effective plan to reach all your business, sales and marketing goals -- on image alone."
-- Don Morris, Dayton Daily News

"This top ad team's book on image marketing makes marketing accountable. It's proven to work every time."
-- Patti Summerfield, Strategy Magazine

"This book shows how the authors launched major brands and companies of all sizes...brilliant..."
-- Studio Magazine

"The author's methods should help you excel with very precise tactics called Persona Factors. Any business can benefit from these principles."
-- Profit Magazine