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The Miracles of Jesus

The Brick Bible for Kids

Here is a fun new way to teach your child about the Miracles in the Bible—with stories illustrated with LEGO bricks!

Here are the tales we all know and love—all in LEGOs. These stories from the Bible are photographed and accompanied by a simple text.

In this book, there are many stories to tell. After being baptized, and in the company of his twelve disciples, Jesus began performing many great acts, including giving a blind man sight, raising a young girl from death, feeding five thousand people with two fish and five loaves of bread, and, perhaps the most famous of all, walking on water.

Teaching the Bible can sometimes seem dull to small children. It’s not when they see the stories told with LEGO Bricks!

Brendan Powell Smith is the author of the Brick Bible for Kids series, as well as books for adults, including The Brick Bible: The Complete Set and The Brick Chronicle history series. Smith lives with family Seneca, Lila, and John and kitties Julep, Gimlet, and Moonshine. You can visit the author’ s child-friendly website at

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