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The Definitive Guide to Women's Intimate Health. Period.

She-ology shines a light on the vagina, answering our most embarrassing questions with the goal of healthier and happier vaginas for women of all ages.

Many women still suffer a long-ingrained dissociation with their own vaginas and a misunderstanding of what goes on “down there.” With expertise and a dose of humor, leading ob-gyn, educator and women’s health advocate Dr. Sherry Ross addresses every urgent, confounding, culturally taboo or embarrassing question women have about vaginas, with the goal of healthier, happier lives for all. 
She-ology describes the state of the vagina at every age and stage of a woman’s life. From first periods to postpartum to menopause, from the serious to the celebratory to the surprising, this book will make you feel a part of the vagina dialogue. 
Dr. Sherry is equal parts your best girlfriend, confidant and skilled practitioner with over 25 years’ experience in gynecology and obstetrics. With the help of many famous contributors she answers your questions and concerns such as:
• Where the heck is my G-spot?
• Since the vagina is self-cleaning, do I even need soap?
• Can I get HPV if I don’t have actual intercourse?
• Is it too late, at 45, to have an orgasm?
• How can I be depressed after giving birth if I’ve always wanted a baby?
• Is there such a thing as a perfect vagina?
• I enjoy swinging or S & M, does that make me a pervert?
• What does safe sex even mean?
• What could possibly go wrong down there, and what do I do about it?
Dr. Sherry’s goal is that of healthier and happier women through a revolution of vagina information. This book will help you form, mend or strengthen your relationship with that most commanding and complex of female organs—the vagina. 
Includes contributions from:
Reese Witherspoon
Brooke Shields
Christina Applegate
Jane Seymour
LisaGay Hamilton
Katherine McPhee
Ashley Benson
Meredith Baxter

 …and many more.


  • Publisher: Savio Republic (October 30, 2018)
  • Length: 320 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781682612408

"I am greateful for the work that Dr. Sherry does every day. She has devoted her life to the female body—how to talk about it, how to protect and value it. In her book She-ology she discusses issues that many women are too shy to ask."

– Angela Nazarian, Author and International Speaker

"Dr. Sherry reminds me to be healthy in body and mind—which includes a healthy V—and 'strong and healthy' trumps all."

– Katharine McPhee, Actress, Singer, Songwriter

"She-ology reminded me that my V is as much a part of me as my heart and my brain and that it will stay a vibrant organ as long as the other two."

– Vicki Iovine, Author, Attorney

"The compassion and knowledge of Dr. Sherry Ross have had a profound effect on how I view myself and my changing body."

– LisaGay Hamilton, Director and Actress

"Dr. Sherry Ross, the amazing woman who wrote this book, has been my OBGYN since 2001. She went from being my doctor, to my friend, to my hero."

– Camryn Manheim, Actress

"I know that She-ology and, especially the Pink V chapter, will touch women who are at risk and walk readers calmly through it all—just as Dr. Sherry has done for me!"

– Jennifer Nicholson-Salke, President of Entertainment, NBC

"The sisterhood moves dauntlessly forward with leaders in many aspects, one of whom, Dr. Sherry Ross, happened to write this book."

– Leisha Hailey, Actress and Musician

"We cannot imagineour life without our daughters, and we are proud of the compassionate young women they are becoming. Also, we are happy to rely on the continued guidance of Dr. Sherry Ross—we can only hope she'll still be in practice when they're ready to have children!"

– Kelly and Linda Novak, Mothers to Ava and Zoe

"The most joyful moments of my day are caring for my daughter, Alexandra, whom Dr. Sherry delivered when I was thirty-nine. There are no words to describe the overwhelming love and joy I felt when Dr. Sherry handed my beautiful little miracle to me just seconds after giving birth. I love you, Dr. Sherry. You have restored my sanity and my waistline!"

– Debbie Matenopoulos, TV Host