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Roy of the Rovers: Going Up

The greatest football comic of all time returns!

Going Up, written by Rob Williams (Amazing Spider-Man, Star Wars, Judge Dredd), with art from Ben Willsher, is the third awesome footy adventure in the new Roy of the Rovers series – read alone, or alongside the new Roy of the Rovers novels! The new era begins here!

After a tumultuous season, Melchester Rovers have turned their fortunes around and promotion is within reach, but going up isn’t a foregone conclusion, and there’s a crisis looming…
Superstar striker Roy Race will miss the play-offs after receiving a controversial red card. If that wasn’t bad enough Melchester’s unscrupulous owner Barry ‘Meat’ Cleaver has plans that could spell the end for the club!
The exciting, action packed finale to Roy’s thrilling first season of professional football is here!

“It has everything a football fan needs” – Books for Topics
 “Football-lovers will love the description of on-pitch action” – That Boy Can Teach
“It captures the feel of playing and having a passion for football” – Comic Scene Magazine