Pokémon Adventures: Diamond and Pearl/Platinum, Vol. 5

Illustrated by Satoshi Yamamoto
(Book #5 of Pokemon)
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About The Book

Lady feels betrayed when she finally discovers the truth about Diamond's and Pearl's identities. Is the trio's journey - and friendship - over? And how can our three heroes save three Legendary Lake Pokémon from Team Galactic…when each Legendary Pokemon is in a different lake?! Meanwhile, what evil is Team Galactic secretly concocting in an abamdoned factory…? Plus, meet Bronzong, Mothim, Staraptor, Gilscor, Lucario, Vespiquen, and many more Sinnoh Pokémon friends.

Product Details
  • Publisher: VIZ Media - Children's (July 2013)
  • Length: 208 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781421539133
  • Ages: 9 - 12

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