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Phil Vickery's Puddings

The British have long been known for traditional puddings, but over the years we have shied away from our heritage, in this book Michelin starred TV chef Phil Vickery makes no excuses for the richness and flavour of our celebrated British pudding. In here you'll delicious, mouth-watering puddings and desserts divided into chapters - led by ingredients: - milk and cream puddings; chocolate desserts; poached fruit and compotes; ice creams and parfaits, pastries pies and tarts, baked and steamed puddings- and a chapter on quick desserts.

Each recipe has a short anecdotal description by Phil in which he describes how he adapted traditional Spotted Dickor created his own Crunchie chocolate chip cheesecake.

Fern is mentioned often and you'll find her favourite dessert which he calls Fern's Queen of Puddings.

The book is authoritative yet friendly - it is THE definitive book on puddings and is destined to be come a must-have on every cook's shelf. It's sure to become a classic.

For several years now Phil Vickery has been acclaimed as one of Britain's most exciting chefs. While he was Head Chef and Director of the Castle Hotel in Taunton the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star for four successive years. In 1995 he was the Egon Ronay Dessert Chef of the Year, and in the same year the Castle Hotel was "Times Restaurant of the Year". Phil has recently been ranked as one of Britain's top twenty chefs by the AA Restaurant Guide. Phil Vickery regularly appears on British television. He is resident chef on ITV's This Morning. He has done two series of Phil Vickery's Pudding Club for Anglia TV and 12 programmes of Who'll do the Pudding? He has made over 70 appearances on Ready, Steady, Cook and Celebrity Ready, Steady, Cook. He considers it is his mssion to demystify cooking and enable everyone to share his love of good food. His book 'Proof of the Pudding' has been nominated for the 2004 Andre Simon award.