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Mind-Blowing Magic Tricks for Everyone

More Than 50 Step-by-Step Card, Coin, and Mentalism Tricks Using Everyday Objects!


60 step-by-step magic tricks that require no special equipment!

Learn to perform mind-blowing magic with everyday objects that will impress your friends and family. This book reveals some of magics best-kept secrets, showing you step-by-step exactly how the tricks are done from multiple angles.

The book begins by teaching 15 easy yet mystifying card tricks; some of which are completely self-working! You will then learn fifteen simple coin tricks that are not only incredibly visual but are also really fun to perform.

However, the book moves beyond just coins and cards, and enters the realm of mentalism. Here, the author teaches readers fifteen ways to read someone’s mind. You will learn how to guess what word your spectator is thinking of and even learn how to put your own thoughts into their mind too. Additionally, the author reveals 15 tricks that you can do with everyday objects, including how to:

  • Make a pen disappear
  • Levitate a dollar
  • Send a cup through a table
  • Tear a napkin and restore it to its original state
  • Put a need through a balloon without popping it
  • Crack an apple open with your bare hands
  • And more!

Finally, the book provides tips on how to perform magic, explaining what to say when doing the trick, what to wear, how to build suspense, and much more. Ultimately, by the end of this book not only will you know sixty mind-blowing magic tricks, but you will also know exactly how to perform them confidently. 

  • Publisher: Sky Pony (August 17, 2021)
  • Length: 200 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781510765771