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Judge Dredd: The Daily Dredds

Illustrated by Ron Smith

From 1981 to 1986, The Daily Star ran a Judge Dredd comic strip written by John Wagner and Alan Grant and illustrated by Ron Smith.

Appearing in collected forms only haphazardly well over twenty years ago, this is the first time the entire collection has been reprinted and assembled in one volume.

This collection contains the daily and weekend strips.

John Wagner is the co-creator of Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Ace Trucking Co. and Button Man, amongst many others, for 2000AD.

Alan Grant co-wrote many of the classic 80's Judge Dredd strips as John Wagner's writing partner, before solo work on Judge Anderson and a celebrated run on Batman, among many others.

Ron Smith is a legend. He illustrated many of 2000AD's classic strips, and is a definitive Dredd artist for his work here. He is also the only artist from the 2000AD roster to have flown Spitfires in WW2. His appearance at a signing in 2013 saw queues around the block.