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Good Luck, Yukikaze

Part of Yukikaze
Published by Haikasoru
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

The alien JAM has been at war with humanity for over thirty years...or have they? Rei Fukai of the FAF's Special Air Force and his intelligent tactical reconnaissance fighter plane Yukikaze have seen endless battles, but after declaring "Humans are unneccessary now," and forcibly ejecting Fukai, Yukikaze is on its own. Is the target of the JAM's hostility really Earth's machines? And have the artificial intelligences of Earth been acting in concert with the JAM from the start to manipulate Yukikaze? As Rei tries to ascertain the truth behind the intentions of both sides, he realises his own humanity may be at risk, and that the JAM are about to make themselves known to the world at large.

“Yukikaze may be the perfect bridge between anime and the sort of military SF which I write. The novel is a clean, detached look at war and warriors: fast-moving, poetic, and precise even when describing passion. A remarkable book, unique in my experience.” David Drake, author of Hammers Slammers

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