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Published by Permuted Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Four ancient sisters are determined to destroy man unless a blind boy, a mysterious stranger, and a band of teenagers can figure out how to stop them.


Civilization has been scorched to cinders, as a torrent of flames scorched the earth, destroying everything in its path. Much of the world’s inhabitants have been driven to the brink of extinction. The ancient, evil sisters responsible for the destruction are bound and determined to end humanity for good and are eagerly hunting the earth for the last remnants of life to finish the job.

The last hope for mankind lies with a group of teenage survivors living in the vast wasteland of Alaska. Against great powers beyond their understanding, they must learn to trust a blind boy and a mysterious mute stranger to guide them in the final battle that will determine the fate of all humanity.

Sean Schubert was born in Indianapolis, IN in 1970. He earned a degree in English from Wabash College in 1993 and promptly moved to Anchorage, AK where he has lived ever since. Sean loves to read and write books that grab his attention from the outset. He also loves stories that center around interesting and sometimes quirky characters. His favorite authors include Tom Robbins, Christopher Moore, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., and Toni Morrison. His first book, Infection, tells the tale of an ancient plague resurrected and unleashed on the hapless residents of Anchorage, AK. There are two sequels to follow that tell the unfolding story of the survivors who strive to outrun the zombie infestation that has claimed the hundreds of thousands of souls who used to live in Anchorage and now prowl the city streets in search of fresh flesh to devour. For Sean, zombies infesting a city is just another form of a "natural" calamity that could strike anywhere. Infection delves into the lives and the decisions of the survivors as they try and stay one step ahead of the fate that has struck down the vast majority of the city's population.

  • Publisher: Permuted Press (December 12, 2017)
  • Length: 384 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781682613924