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Fall of Fair Isle

600 years have passed since the events of The Outcast Chronicles occurred an much T'Enknowledge has been lost, hidden or cloaked by lies.

This is te story of Imoshen, named for her ancestor, Imoshen the First. The last pure T'En woman, she is a throwback to the mystics who settled Fair Isle.

When the Ghebite Invador, General Tulkhan, conquers her island sheis torn between her duty to smooth th transition of power and her betrothal to Reothe, last throwback T'En male who leads the rebellion against Tulkhan.

This is the first UK publication for this stunning fantasy!

Rowena Cory Daniells lives in Queensland, Australia, by the bay, with her husband and six children. She has devoted five years to studying the martial arts Tao Kwon Do, Akido and Iaido. She has served on the management committees of two Australian national genre awards, the Queensland Writers Centre, the Brisbane Writers Festival and Fantastic Queensland. Her series, The Chronicles of King Rolen's Kin, was a bestseller.