Faceache vol 1

The First Hundred Scrunges

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About The Book

Hilarious face-changing adventures by one of the greats of British comics!

Ken Reid is consistently name-checked by the greats of comics – from Alan Moore to Kevin O’Neill, John Wagner to Pat Mills – for his unique art that is matched only by his enduring sense of humour. In a hardcover edition befitting his status as one of the all-too-forgotten greats of British comics, we present his timeless Faceache – the humorous adventures of Ricky Rubberneck, the boy with a "bendable bonce" whose skin stretches like rubber. At will, he could scrunge his face into anything, whether it’s mimicing others or turning into grotesque creatures – but always coming a cropper!

* Includes introductions by Anthony Reid and comics legend Alan Moore.

* This is the first collection of this long lost classic from the hugely popular and long running Buster comic.

* This is a key strip in the history of British comics, being one of the very few home-grown superheroes to become popular in the weekly comics world of war and humour comics.

* Never before collected.

* From the new Treasury of British Comics list from Rebellion, highlighting classic British comics.

* Previous Titles: Monster 9781781084533; Judge Dredd Case Files 01 9781906735494

Product Details

  • Publisher: Rebellion Graphic Novels (November 2017)
  • Length: 112 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781781086018

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