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Coping with Bipolar Disorder

A CBT-Informed Guide to Living with Manic Depression

Published by Oneworld Publications
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

A guide to coping with bipolar disorder which offers information on all the key areas, including medication, dealing with stress, and using psychological techniques to cope with manic depression. "Coping with Bipolar Disorder" is designed specifically for sufferers of bipolar disorder, their carers, friends and families. It combines definitive coverage of the condition and information about treatment with an approach which encourages patients to manage their own psychological health using cognitive behaviour therapy, as well as the more traditional medication regimes. The result is a straightforward book that should empower sufferers, in addition to giving them necessary advice on such key areas as sleeping habits, coping with stress and anger, and relating to family and friends.

"The book is practical, realistic, and well focused, emphasising the individual, family, and social resources that can and should be used to deal with a condition as complex as bipolar disorder."

– Quarterly Journal of Mental Health

"If ever a book lived up to its title, this is it. The clear strategies, tools and techniques presented here with such understanding should make all the difference to those living with Bipolar Disorder - highly recommended."

– Stephen Fry

"This is an excellent book. I have already recommended it to people who have received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. They have found it very useful - well written, comprehensive, practical, wise, and empowering. I should add that the book also serves as a very useful starting point for professionals to learn more about bipolar disorder and the perspective taken by clinical psychologists."

– Peter Kinderman - Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Liverpool

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