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Churchill's Triumph


YALTA, 4 February 1945: The moment in which our modern world is shaped. The Second World War is coming to an end and the three most powerful men on earth meet to thrash out the details of peace.

There is the cantankerous Winston Churchill, the idealistic but ailing Franklin Roosevelt, and the butcher Joseph Stalin, snake-like in his cunning. They are supposedly allies, but over eight days these men will lie, cheat and deceive each other as they struggle to establish an agreement and secure their places in history.

Meanwhile, as the smoke continues to rise above Europe, a Polish soldier tries to find his daughter in ruins of Warsaw. He is a man who has already been betrayed by Hitler and Stalin, and now his fate lies in the ageing hands of Winston Churchill. The two men become involved in an extraordinary battle for survival, as the destiny of a small girl and half the world lies in the balance.

Michael Dobbs - Baron Dobbs of Wylye - is an active member of the House of Lords and an internationally bestselling author who has never been far from controversy. He has worked at the centre of British politics for Margaret Thatcher, John Major and now David Cameron, and was once described as 'Westminster's baby-faced hit man'. He is the author of 17 thrillers, including House of Cards which became a hugely successful television drama, and three previous Harry Jones thrillers, The Lords' Day, The Edge of Madness and The Reluctant Hero. He tries to live quietly near a pub and a church in Wiltshire. For more information, go to

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