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Britain and Ireland

A Visual Tour of the Enchanted Isles

In this title, Robin Currie begins with the rich history of Britain and Ireland, discussing such topics as the compelling saga of London, the Viking roots of 1,000-year-old Dublin, and the shipbuilding heritage of Belfast, from whence the Titanic steamed into history. We take in the emerald vistas of Ireland, dappled with the passage tombs and ritual sites of the ancient Celts. The rugged hills of Scotland, where the Romans disparaged the inhabitants as Picts (painted men) for the pigments they wore in battle. And the coasts and castles of Wales, where the ancient language is still very much alive. These islands have seen much coming and going of people over the centuries, and that is no less true today. Get to know the modern inhabitants of the nations, whose faces speak louder than words about diversity of modern Britain and Ireland. Throughout the book, the photography has a special feel, going beyond the expected to bring out the real character of the lands and people. Also delivering little-known secrets and insights that the practical travel guides don't, quotations from a wide range of individuals describe their favourite sites or landmarks, and lists of superlatives within a particular region (best vistas, oldest pubs, and most fascinating ruins) point out spots that the average tourist would never know existed - providing readers with an incomparable tour.

  • Publisher: National Geographic (September 21, 2010)
  • Length: 352 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781426206276