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Bigby Bear

In The City

A series of vignettes on imagination, science, mathematics, and the life of our planet…shared from the perspective of a curious bear and his furry, forest-dwelling friends!

Bigby Bear lives peacefully in the lush mountains where he was born. Struggling to figure out nature and its elements, Bigby engages in silly experiments of all kinds. Accompanied by his loyal rabbit friend, he gives us the secret to living a happy, simple life: to follow your curiosity, and make friends along the way.

A feel-good tale for all ages!

Philippe Coudray is a French painter and comics creator most recognized for his miraculous tales of Barnaby Bear (L'Ours Barnabé). When he's not writing for popular magazines, such as Psikopat, or Capsule Cosmique, Philippe often collaborates with his twin brother, Jean-Luc, on his various series in Japan, and the recently-revived Théocrite (originally published by Hélyode).

  • Publisher: BiG (January 20, 2022)
  • Length: 104 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781643376394


"A thoughtful and amusing choice for most elementary comics collections."

– School Library Journal

"[There is an] undercurrent of off-kilter comedy that should appeal to readers of all ages."

– Steve Foxe, Paste Magazine

"[A] book that can be enjoyed by anyone, like the comics section of the newspaper if it was taken over by a sculptor bear and his wildlife pals."

– Rachel Bellwoar,

"[I]t’s enough to keep a child’s mind constantly enraptured. Bigby Bear is a perfect balancing act between whimsical and thoughtful."

– Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press

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