Atlas of Impossible Places

A Journey to the World's Most Unusual Corners

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About The Book

This atlas of weird and unusual locations from National Geographic unveils the strange-but-true history, trivia and geography of our planet’s most intriguing and curious places. From deserted cities and strange settlements, to remote islands and underground labyrinths this atlas features more than 50 unusual locations around the world- from San Juan in Parangaricutiro, a town entirely submerged by lava, to Leap Castle in Ireland, allegedly the most haunted house in the world. Inviting text by British cultural commentator Travis Elborough is paired with photos, artfully drawn maps and illustrations. This book will inform, enlighten and intrigue you as it takes you on a journey to far-off, peculiar and often unreachable parts of our world.

About The Author

Travis Elborough has been a freelance writer, author and cultural commentator for more than a decade. His books include "The bus We Loved: London's Affair with the Routemaster", "Wish You Were Here: England on Sea" and "London Bridge in America: The Tall Story of a Transatlantic Crossing". He is a regular contributor to the Observer and the Guardian and frequently appears on BBC radio.

Alan Horsefield has over 30 years’ experience as a cartographer. Having started his career at the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain, he has created artwork for many publications, most recently as chief cartographer for Reader’s Digest World Atlas. 

Product Details

  • Publisher: National Geographic (December 2019)
  • Length: 224 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781426217135