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A Very Special Year

Translated by Jamie Bulloch

‘It’s not particularly difficult to run a successful bookshop, thought Valerie: a grasp of the rudiments of business, a sensible plan, a little skill in negotiation, a couple of contacts and a large portion of magic.’

When businesswoman Valerie takes over the bookshop owned by her aunt – who has vanished without trace – her intention is to bring some order to the chaos, and then sell the business. But she has underestimated the power of the little shop. One day she stumbles upon a mysterious book with an unfinished ending. Valerie thinks it must be a defective copy, but when a customer turns up searching for that very book, her view of the shop – and world – shifts, as she is forced to question what is and isn’t possible.

A Very Special Year is a declaration of love for literature, for beautiful books, the power and magic of stories as well as proof that the world of the imagination is still alive within us.

  • Publisher: Oneworld Publications (June 2, 2016)
  • Length: 198 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781780748672

‘Charming…A Very Special Year reminds us of why books still matter and how they can transform our lives and build bridges between people and cultures.’

– Christian Science Monitor

'I smell a book lovers’ dream beach read.’

– Words Without Borders

‘A magical journey into the land of literature – captivating and moving.’

– Elle

‘It’s not true that booksellers look after books; they look after people. A Very Special Year is a declaration of love to the guardians of literature and book doctors all over the world – an absolute gem.’

– Nina George