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Phil Macdonald

PHIL MACDONALD, who wrote the 1st edition and updated the 2nd edition, moved to Hong Kong from Sydney in 1989 to continue his adventures in journalism that began eight years earlier in the west coast city of Perth. He worked for the Hong Kong Standard and South China Morning Post for a number of years before settling—by way of Laos and Singapore—in Phuket, Thailand. He now lives in Bangkok working as a freelance journalist and editor, contributing to a number of regional publications. His interests include Southeast Asian politics and history, and the beaches of Southern Thailand. TREVOR RANGES updated and wrote new features and sidebars for the 3rd and 4th editions. Ranges is a Bangkok-based travel writer whose work includes serving as principal writer for, the official website of the Tourism Authority of Thailand; contributing to National Geographic Traveler magazine; and writing the National Geographic Traveler: Cambodia guidebook.

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