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Linda Tripp

About The Author

Linda Tripp was a thirty-plus-year civil servant who spent most of her years working in many different capacities within the Department of Defense. She transferred into the White House of George H.W. Bush in April 1991. Linda stayed on as a member of the permanent White House staff for the Clintons in January 1992. She stayed there until transferring back to the Pentagon in the spring of 1994. During her stay in the Clinton White House, Linda had a ringside seat to the Clinton Corruption Circus. For a while she worked for Clinton’s main “fixer” Bruce Lindsay within sight of the Oval Office itself. Later she moved upstairs to work for Vince Foster, Hillary’s fixer, next door to Hillary’s West Wing office. Unlike others who have penned Clinton books, Linda saw it all up close and too personal.

Books by Linda Tripp