Mike the Knight

Set in the medieval land of Glendragon, Mike the Knight takes you through a world of castles, quests, dragons, and trolls! Mike, a young apprentice knight, helps run the kingdom as his father explores distant lands. No situation is too big or too small to be tackled as a knightly mission!

Latest book from Mike the Knight

Mike the Knight and the Great Gallop

Book #4

Be a Knight, Do it Right!

It's Mike's turn to take part in the Great Gallop. He must gallop as fast as he can to the river and leave a sack of jam tarts. Squirt can't understand why. But when Mike loses the tarts he quickly finds out why - as the Vikings invade the village to find them!

Praise for the series:

"A real crowd-pleaser for little ones: knights, dragons, princesses and magic." The Bookseller

"Mike the Knightreturns to children's TV for 2013 and fans of the series will love to read about his adventures in these colourful books." Parents in Touch

"Any Mike the Knightfan would love this book." Knees up Mother Brown

"Meet Mikeis a great introduction to the series if you haven't already encountered it on TV... glossy and nicely presented with plenty of pages and content to keep young Mike fans happy." Read it Daddy

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