The Threat

The Secret Alien Agenda

The Threat

After fifty years of widespread speculation about UFOs and abductions by aliens, a distinguished historian and UFO researcher presents the first evidence-based explanation of alien intentions. Based on over thirty years of personal research, Professor Jacobs exposes the aliens' profoundly alarming agenda: to create a breed of alien-human 'hybrids' who will eventually colonise - and control - Earth. He explains why aliens are here, what they want and why their agenda has been kept secret. In doing so he presents a disturbing picture of a profoundly changed future in which humans will be relegated to inferior status. This incredible story is all the more remarkable because every account of an alien abduction is thoroughly documented and is corroborated by independent testimony. This book answers in astonishing depth some of the most important questions about the UFO phenomenon that researchers have been asking since the beginning of the controversy.
  • Simon & Schuster UK | 
  • 288 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781471109522 | 
  • December 2012
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