Mysteries of Jesus

Exploring the Secrets of Easter

Mysteries of Jesus

Who was the unnamed "Beloved Disciple" who leaned on Jesus during the Last Supper? What did the Holy Grail look like - and could it possibly still exist? What do alternative tales of Jesus' life, not included in the New Testament, suggest about early Christianity? From the extraordinary circumstances of Jesus' birth to the latest analysis of the Shroud of Turin, Isbouts consults with the world's leading scholars to shed new light on the mysteries that surround the extraordinary story of Jesus' life.
  • National Geographic | 
  • 55 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781426209789 | 
  • March 2012
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About the Author

Jean-Pierre Isbouts

Jean-Pierre Isbouts is a bestselling author, historian, and award-winning director of documentary and feature films. A humanities scholar and professor at Fielding Graduate University of Santa Barbara, California, he has published widely on subjects in art, history and archaeology, and directed films for Disney, ABC, Hallmark, History Channel and other studios and networks. He has also produced a broad repertoire of classical music with ensembles in New York, Los Angeles and Amsterdam.