Dylan's Amazing Dinosaurs - The Spinosaurus

Dylan's Amazing Dinosaurs - The Spinosaurus

Illustrated by: Dan Taylor
For Ages: 3 - 99
Dylan loves exploring and learning all about dinosaurs.In his amazing treehouse hehas a magic journal. Every time he opens it awesome things happen - even his toy pterodactyl comes to life!They fly off on dinosaur discovery missions to the Land of Living Dinosaurs. This time he has to discover what a spinosaurus's spiny sail along its back was for.

Praise for Dylan's Amazing Dinosaurs: The T. Rex

"A book with brilliant illustrations, well written and providing some gentle genuine learning opportunities" http://www.beingamummy.co.uk

"With its ever popular topic, some delicious alliterative sound bites, fascinating, embedded facts […], boldly rendered action scenes and a removable pop out T.Rex, this […] is bound to be popular with young children"http://jillrbennett.wordpress.com
  • Simon & Schuster Children's UK | 
  • 32 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781471119392 | 
  • June 2015
List Price £4.99 (price may vary by retailer)


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About the Author

E.T Harper

ET Harper discovered a love of dinosaurs as a child when she came across a strange looking bone buried in the garden. At first she thought it was small dinosaur bone but it turned out to be part of a chicken skeleton instead. When she found out chickens were distantly related to dinosaurs she thought all her Christmases had come at once and decided to become a professional dinosaur bone hunter. E.T Harper went on to study Palaeontology at university and she was so good at being a palaeontologist that they even made her a professor. Now she wants to share her dinosaur discoveries with little palaeontologists all over the world. This is E.T Harper's first series of books but she hopes to write many more. She also has her own tree house, just like Dylan.