Carl Honoré captured the zeitgeist with his international bestseller, In Praise of Slow. In Age Inappropriate he is investigating the next major global trend  ageing and how we view it in the future. 

The 'age-inappropriate' revolution is on its way. Yes, ageing is inevitable: one year from now we will all be a year older; that will never change. What can change is how we age and how we feel about it. The time has come to cast off the prejudices that lock us into behaving in ways that are age-appropriate and to blur the lines of what is possible and permissible at every stage of life. We need to learn to be age inappropriate.

The age-inappropriate revolution demands big structural changes. For a start, we will have to tear up the old script that locks us into devoting the early part of our life to education, the middle chunk to working and raising kids, and whatever is left over at the end to leisure. In an age-inappropriate world, these silos will dissolve. We can carry on learning from start to finish; we can work less and devote more time to family, leisure, and giving back to our communities in our middle years; we can remain active and engaged in our later years.

Carl has travelled the globe speaking to influential figures who are bucking the preconceived notions of age, whether at work or in their personal lives. He looks at the cultural, medical and technological developments making this all possible. 
An inspiring read, Age Inappropriate is a radical re-think of our approach to everything from education, healthcare and work, to design, relationships and politics. 
  • Simon & Schuster UK | 
  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781471164354 | 
  • December 2018
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