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June 17, 2014
Thanks for visiting my page and checking out my book Oh Gad!

Before and since the book's release in April 2012, I've been busy busy busy trying to get the word out. One part of that has been the guest posts I've made at various blogs. As these give some insight to the book, my country Antigua and Barbuda, me, and the writing process, I wanted to share some of them with you.

Take this tasty guest post hosted by Shelley Workinger at But What Are They Eating? - a blog dedicated to food in books. There's lots of food to talk about in Oh Gad! - one of the main characters is a chef and food is such a part of island culture. But in my post, E Bang Good, I zeroed in on my favourite food of all time: pepperpot and specifically getting my mom to share her pepperpot recipe for the book's epic cookdown scene.

Check it out:

I'll keep adding re my virtual and real visits to places within and beyond Antigua and Barbuda and the Caribbean in my ongoing efforts to share my writing. To keep up, follow and/or