Frank Newport

Frank Newport, Gallup Editor-in-Chief and one of the nation’s leading public opinion analysts, has spent the major part of his working life studying public opinion — much of that opinion about religion. Newport earned a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Michigan and has worked as a college professor, as a partner in a market research firm, and as Gallup’s chief pollster for more than 20 years. He is the former president of the American Association for Public Opinion Research. The son of a Southern Baptist theologian, Newport grew up in that tradition in Texas and graduated from Baylor University. Newport’s religious background and his current role as a neutral social scientist give him a unique ability to probe the reality of religion in the United States today.

Books by this Author

Popular books such as The God Delusion have dismissed religion as a delusional artifact of evolution and ancient superstitions. But should millions of Americans’ statements of belief and their behavior be dismissed that quickly? The pattern of religious influence in American society suggests mass consequence rather than mass delusion. In God Is Alive and Well, Frank Newport provides a new evidence-based analysis of Americans’ religious beliefs and bold predictions about...